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VAT Registartion in Germany

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In some cases also foreign companies have to register for VAT reasons in Germany even without a business place in Germany. If your company sells merchandise to German customers or provides services in Germany you might be eligible for VAT by the German tax authorities. The common VAT registration will be also necessary in the following cases:

  • Sales to Germany through service provided for example by Amazon or Ebay (distance selling is €100,000 per year).
  • Buying and selling goods in Germany
  • Importing goods into Germany for selling in Germany
  • B-2-C services
  • Maintaining a German consignment warehouse
  • Transport business

In order for VAT registration to the German tax authorities will require the following documents:

  • Founding certificates of the company 
  • Confirmation from the domestic tax authority about the tax registration  
  • Description of the business activities in Germany 
  • Extract from the company’s national trade register

Usually the documents should be translated.

As one of our services we handle VAT registration and VAT reporting for international companies in Germany.


We can support your company by the registration process and the communication with the German tax authorities. We can also prepare the monthly, quarterly or annual VAT reports for your company. 


Our tax and law firm also provides accounting and payroll services for your company.


Our expert services in the sector payroll include for example:

  • Wage and salary payrolls
  • Social security       
  • Support service in wage and salary as well as the review of weak spots                  
  • Custodial service during the audits of tax, revenue offices and health insurance funds


Our expert services in the sector accounting include for example:

  • Financial accounting     
  • Consultation and active support to the client's existing book keeping      
  • Preparation of financial accounts by the DATEV-computer system in our office     
  • Property accounting, planning of capital allowance, fixed asset register       


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.


VAT germany, payroll, accounting in Germany

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